Coaching Overview


Coaching with Anthony Beardsell


This coaching overview is designed to:

  • Provide an overview of personal coaching, explaining what it is, how it works and the potential benefits for you.
  • Encourage you to consider how you might benefit from coaching with Excellence Assured.
  • Explain what you might expect from your coach and what your coach might expect from you.


What is coaching?

Coaching is a learning process, it is about one person (the coach) supporting another (the coachee) in creating self-development and learning in a way that is of benefit to them.

Think about the origins of the word coach. It implies some form of transportation, and taken literally, ‘coaching’ means to transport someone from one place to another. All forms of coaching have one thing in common, which is that people use it to move them forward in a certain direction.

A well known form of coaching is sports coaching and using this as an example, the coach supports the sportsperson in improving their performance and getting better results – depending on their specific objectives.  The role that the coach performs is to apply specific principles of success, in a way that stimulates improvement through experiential learning.

Coaching normally takes the form of a series of conversations that one person has with another. During the conversations the coach will intend to work the conversation in a way that benefits the other person, the coachee, in terms of their learning and progress.


Why do people have coaching?

People take on coaching services because they want to achieve goals and improve their situations. They want to acquire new ways of thinking and approaching situations, in order to improve their results. Typical goals might be to be more effective and organised at work; interact more effectively with people; gain confidence in certain situations; gain an improved work/life balance.

In our coaching we use a combination of questioning, listening, observation and feedback to create a conversation that is insightful and facilitates learning.  The coachee will experience an attention and a focus that enables them to gain a greater awareness and appreciation of their own circumstances.  They will also create new ways of thinking in or to resolve issues, achieve their goals more easily and generally produce better results.

You could expect to see the following benefits from a coaching programme with Anthony Beardsell at Excellence Assured:

  • Increased motivation.
  • Improved sense of direction and focus.
  • Increased ability to handle change through greater resourcefulness and resilience.
  • Improved personal effectiveness.
  • Improved ability to influence and relate to others.
  • Increased self awareness and knowledge of self.


What coaching is not

Our coaching is not any of the following:

Therapy, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy

Coaching should not be viewed as therapy and is not therapy, however it does offer a viable alternative for people who may previously have considered some form of counselling to resolve a situation.   For example, coaching promotes a fuller appreciation of our own circumstances and situations and also a greater self-awareness. We find that sometimes change can emerge from simply looking at something from a different perspective. Barriers to self-belief can be challenged in order to stimulate fresh approaches and ideas.

A way of someone else solving your problems for you

As coaches we believe that an individual is ultimately responsible for their own life and the results that they are getting.  If it is acknowledged that we are responsible for something then it follows that we have power and influence over it.

In order to assist you in improving your results in a certain situation, say at work, we may encourage you to understand that situation more clearly and develop new ideas or approaches for that situation. We may also encourage you to take action in order for you to get the results that you want.

What we will not do is instruct you to do something specific or go and do it for you as this would be taking responsibility and consequently power away from you.

Structured training

This is where there is a prepared approach to making learning happen and a fixed agenda.

Our coaching offers a more flexible approach and focusses on the coachee’s objectives. Both the coachee and coach have influence over the content and the direction of the sessions and the responsibility for learning rests with the individual.


What you can expect from your coach, Anthony Beardsell

It is Anthony’s role as coach to support you in focussing on your situations with the commitment and attention that you rarely get elsewhere.

Anthony will listen to you, with a genuine curiosity to understand who you really are, what you think and how you experience your world. He will use objective assessment to reflect back to you in order to create real clarity for you.  During our sessions Anthony will encourage you to overcome obstacles, rise to challenges, and take action.

We build relationships with our clients on the basis that our number one objective is to be committed to your goals. We will remain committed no matter what.

Your discussions will remain confidential as our relationships are based on trust and openness. Where there is involvement of a third party, we will agree with you the best way to keep them updated or involved.


What we will expect from you

Your commitment to the coaching process. This means keeping your appointments and honoring agreements made during sessions.

Be open to the potential of coaching, be honest and open during conversations.  If something is not working, then we will need to know.  If you have concerns then please voice them.  The greater the openness and trust between us, the greater the strength and power of the process.


Wondering how coaching might benefit you?

Anthony would be delighted to discuss with you about how we can work with you to achieve your objectives.  Please contact Anthony on 07725 723155.