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Business Coaching

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Why is it beneficial to use an external coach?

You or your internal managers can certainly do informal coaching, however it is difficult for a manager to substitute for an external coach for four reasons:

  1. The manager will see their ‘client’ every day, and this makes it more difficult to be objective.
  2. The manager is busy enough without adding an extra task to their workday.
  3. Their main responsibility is to the business, not to the individual, and this makes confidentiality a tricky issue.
  4. The manager may be responsible for appraising the same individual they are coaching and this leads to problems.  How easy is it for the individual to confess to their manager that they do not like their work or they think that they are being badly managed?  Whatever the reality, the individual will have to hold back on significant feelings and experiences about their work.


Business Coaching and Mentoring Service

We have all had experience of going on training courses and feeling great about what we have learnt, full of good intention of implementing our new skills when we are back in the office, or out on the road again…..and then….we have a glitch with the computer, we stub our big toe, or a sale goes wrong.

Before we know it we are back following the familiar old routines.  Why does that happen?

It happens because the mind needs to have new learnings reinforced in order for them to become unconscious and habitual.

So, in order for you to get full benefit from your training, you need to ensure that the training is followed up and the habits installed in your team over a period of time.

With this in mind I offer an optional business mentoring service to complement our training and to ensure that you receive full value from your investment.

I will work with you, your management team or your sales team depending on your needs.  Please contact me to discuss your unique requirements on 0114 2360047.